Occupational Health Clinic

Main clinic telephone: 01603 287035

Clinic location: Level One, 20 Rouen Road, Norwich NR1 1QQ

Nearest car park: Norwich City Council pay and display located opposite our clinic on Rouen Road, John Lewis car park is located at the top of Thorn Lane which is a 5 minute walk away

Entrance: Please use the main off-street entrance, if the main reception isn’t manned you can use the intercom located to the right of the main doors to speak to a member of our team who will let you in.

Directions from entrance to clinic: you will see a sign on the double doors in front of you directing you to Workplace Health & Wellbeing. Continue straight and go through another door leading down the stairs. When you reach the bottom, take the door on your right, pass through the lobby and through the double doors. Turn left and our reception is right in front of you.

Clinic times: Monday – Friday 08:45am to 4:30pm

Overview:  Workplace Health & Wellbeing (formally the Centre for Occupational Health) has been providing services to both public and private organisations since 1991. As a leading provider of Occupational Health services in East Anglia, Workplace Health & Wellbeing (WHWB) has developed an extensive knowledge of all aspects of Occupational Health (OH), including management referrals, immunisation services and pre-employment checks.

Our services are aimed at the assessment, maintenance and improvement of the physical and mental wellbeing of employees. Our intention is to enable all employees to undertake their work duties, or if their health is affected, return to work at the earliest opportunity.


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