In the Appointment

All appointments are confidential. The Doctor or Adviser will confirm with you the reasons for the appointment and provide an explanation of the events that will take place during the appointment.

As part of the appointment you may be asked about any current or past health problems. They will be interested in how the illness is affecting you and they will discuss your usual work activities. Areas such as your domestic situation and activities outside work are often also discussed as these can have some impact on your general health and wellbeing. Some of the questions may seem quite personal and we do not mean to cause any distress. However they may help us to identify causes of ill-health and will help us to advise on an appropriate plan of action. Where appropriate, potential adjustments to your work to help you either remain at work or to return to work may be discussed. At the end of the consultation the Doctor or Adviser will summarise their findings and if a report is  required to be sent to your manager, then the content of this will be discussed.


In the appointment

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