Occupational Health Records

All occupational health paper records are held in compliance with the Data Protection Act (1998) and Access to Medical Reports Act (1988). They are stored securely in locked cabinets and only the Occupational Health team have access to the keys. Access to the office is restricted to Occupational Health or authorised staff only. The office is locked during out of office hours so no one can access any information. Electronic records are stored on a secure server. These records can only be accessed by Occupational Health staff that hold log in /passwords to access.

The Data Protection Act (1998) allows you to view or receive a copy of your Occupational Health records held by Workplace Health & Wellbeing. If you wish to do this then you will need to write to us to confirm this is what you wish to do. Workplace Health & Wellbeing will arrange for you to view the records with an appropriate member of the Occupational Health staff. This is undertaken in this way so that any questions can be answered at the time.


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Occupational health records