Our expert team offer employees personalised and effective occupational support services to help support health in the workplace 

Through our team of specially trained occupational health nurses, doctors, clinical practitioners and support staff, Workplace Health and Wellbeing are on hand to offer practical advice and tailored support to employees of local organisations who formally engage our occupational health services.

If you need to learn more about the occupational health care and guidance available to you, please contact your HR team in the first instance. Alternatively, if you are already aware your employer purchases occupational health services from us and you have an issue you wish to discuss please do get in touch on 01603 287035.

But first… what is occupational health?
Occupational health professionals aim to understand the likely impact of work on your health, and make sure you are fit for the work you do.  Our team work with individuals to prevent work-related diseases and carry out assessments to understand how health impacts on work and visa versa. The support available to you at work is wide ranging and Workplace Health & Wellbeing are on hand to offer our support.

The following details are some of our services which employers can contract us to, delivered to your workplace;

Telephone Advice and Counselling from Insight Wellbeing at Work. Independent to Workplace Health and Wellbeing , Insight are contracted by some local employers to provide emotional wellbeing services to their employees. This is offered via a 24 hour telephone advice line, available every day of the year. All calls are answered by a qualified and experienced counsellor able to offer practical advice and guidance on wide ranging subjects

 Emergency support in the event of a Needlestick or body fluid exposure incident. These are specialist services please check your employer if you need to access them.

Fitness to Work, Health Surveillance and Absence Management. A core aspect of an occupational health service is to provide guidance to both employees and employers on fitness to work. We offer this in a wide variety of methods. We may have contact with you following completion of a new starter health questionnaire; we may offer you essential occupational immunisations; you following a referral from your line manager following a period of absence; or we may see you as part of an ongoing health surveillance programme under COSHH regulation or Health and Safety Law. Be assured your occupational health record will remain confidential and at all times we will seek your consent to respond to requests for information from line managers. However, we are here to encourage your return to work and find sensible solutions which may make this possible.